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Hello I'm Liz
Welcome to my website, I started being Lizzy the Clown  in 1988
Then I added balloon decorating
and selling Avon products a year later.
Around my 8 th year I added Karaoke
for all age Entertainment to reach a wider age group.
In 2001 I was in a car accident that stopped me in my tracks
But guided me down a brand new path of song writing.
Lizzy the Clown
Lizzy The Clown
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Liz Vibert- My First CD, click on the cover to listen to my songs
Phase Two - A New Beginning

This CD has been a long time in the making for me. Back in 1985,
I had started to record 6 original songs. But at the time I was
divorced and a single mom with two kids. It was hard to push
forward on my music. So, like life,
things get pushed aside for others, and life goes on.  

Aug. 15 2001. I was traveling on the highway when out of
nowhere, I was hit from behind. The guy that hit me, crushed his
car up to his windshield, into the back of my van. God must have
been with me on that day. The fact that I was driving an 8
passenger van, is the only reason I’m still here today. Being in
constant pain, my life just stopped dead in its tracks. About 7
months go by, I’m still in constant pain, and having a hard time
with my muscles, with walking and lifting. Being unable to do much
of anything, I started to look through things.

This is where my new life’s journey begins. Phase Two!  I found
my old studio, 8 track, reel to reel. The only copy of my unfinished
songs. Now the hard job was to find someone to get my music off
this reel. It took a while but I did it.

While working on getting my music off the old reel, my two friends
Claire and Sue were having a combined 40th birthday party,
(invite was to an 80th.) So I decided to rewrite one of my songs
and turn it into a Happy 40th Birthday Claire and Sue song, which I
recorded with the old music track. That was my gift to them, which I
did sing at the party. It took 3 1/2 years. But I’m proud to say I
finally completed this CD, it only took my 19 years all together! I’m
now working on my second CD. I promise, it will not take as long.

Special thanks to my family and friends.
To everyone that helped me make this possible,
and to all the people who never stopped believing in me.

I always say things happen in life for a reason.
If I didn't get in this car accident
I would of never finished my music.
Life is a journey.
Never let your dreams die.
Mine are just beginning.  

Thank you Liz Vibert
Something New... from my point of view

She calls this CD her "bitching songs". Songs from a mom's point
of view. It's about the things in life that drive you crazy.

We all go through things in our lifetime.
Some are good and some are bad. Some just drive you crazy.
Being a mom and divorced, I been through a lot and seen it all.

all these songs are about something I've done,
been throught or seen.

Don't Lie To Me:  Being lied to in a relationship.
All of us have dealt with this one at one time or another.

Something New:  Putting your life on hold to raise your family,
then starting something new that you always wanted to do, but
never had the time to do. I'm very proud to say,
that this year! (2006) Yes, I'm 50 years old.
Now what do you do when you turn 50? Well, You start a band!!!!
 And yes I'm also a grandma. You're never to old to start
something new. Don't ever let people tell you that your dreams
are stupid, or that you're to old to do this or that.
Always follow your heart,
and your dreams may be closer than you think. Find yourself and
Be yourself. Don't be what other people want you to be.

Nosey Neighbor:  we all have one,
The one that thinks they own your street and everything on it.

I've Had It!: Being a mom, The way kids, Teen's are today,
they drive you a little bit crazy.

Hanging down to there ( The Butt Crack Song):
The pants hanging of the butt style. I just don't get it! Do you?

Natures Song:  Children are always afraid of thumder storms.
I wanted a song they could understand.

And last but not least.
What Are We Gonna Do?:  Our planet.
We all need to take care of it. Because if we don't take care of
Mother Nature, Mother Nature, will not take care of us.
The rain forest is the center of our planet. It keeps everything
balanced. If we keep messing with the balance of things.
It will come back to bite us in the Butt. With weather changes and
floods. Plus all the waste we make, and People who do not
recycle because they don't have the time
or they can't be bothered. If we all pitch in just a little,
it will help in the bigger picture of life.
This is my public service announcement to the world.

Liz Vibert- My Second CD, click on the cover to listen to my songs,
New Photo"s 2009
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