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My Students are always telling me that
the Driver’s Ed book tells them what they
need to do, however it does not tell them
how to do it.

Teaching New Drivers To Drive
does exactly that. It’s a step by step, easy
to read and understand book,
that give you all the information you will
need to show your new student or teen
how to understand what it is they will need
to do, to drive safely.

Teaching New Drivers to Drive is a big
picture book. Every picture has an easy
explanation to understand what it is you
need to do to drive. Some pictures are on
the road driving, and others are illustrated

It’s also a great re-fresher for seasoned
drivers of all ages
Newly Published Teaching New Drives To Drive, Available now, or
pre-order at Barns & Noble and Amazon, it will be released on Oct 15, 2016